Talking to Children Heart to Heart

Talking to Children Heart to Heart Young Russian Listening Audience Meet Chipchik, the piglet — an interesting character who regularly causes problems for himself. That’s why children like him, because they see themselves in him. Now meet “Aunt” Ludmila — FEBC International’s Russian radio producer, who loves talking to children by using Chipchik (and other … Continued

Keeper of the Pagoda

Keeper of the Pagoda Meets “God of the Radio” In the Chin Hills of Myanmar (Burma), a man was listening to shortwave broadcasts in his own mother tongue from FEBC International in the Philippines. This man was so excited about what he was learning, that he decided to share it with his neighbours. However, his … Continued

Serving Minority People-Groups

Serving Minority People-Groups The Indigenous Missionary A dictionary definition of indigenous is “native to a specific area” — so an indigenous missionary, would be a person who shares his or her faith with their own people. The indigenous missionary has a great advantage over foreign-born missionaries, because he or she fully understands the language and … Continued

Broadcasting Hope

Broadcasting Hope Meeting in the Desert Following an encounter with a listener in a desert region of the Middle East, a Christian couple wrote the following note to FEBC International.. It was a very hot day, so after a short rest beside the road, we continued our journey. We both thought how nice it would … Continued

Radio Missionary Taxi Club

Radio Missionary Taxi Club Sharing with Passengers Meet Mr. Ban, who drives a taxi in Busan, South Korea … and is the current president of the FEBC International Missionary Taxi Club. Mr. Ban oversees 450 fellow taxi drivers, who have been meeting monthly for 25 years — to worship, and discuss opportunities for sharing the … Continued

“Tell Me a Story”

“Tell Me a Story” Oral Communications When Jesus preached to crowds, he often did it in story (parable) form. For instance, to illustrate the love of God, He told a colourful, dramatic, and moving story about the “man who had two sons” (Matthew 21:28). Jesus could read and write, yet He lived in a largely … Continued

Dense Jungle Walk

Dense Jungle Walk Listener’s Prayer Answered A lone believer began his three-day walk home through dense jungle — following a secret meeting with members of an FEBC International production team, who were visiting radio listeners in a closed country in Southeast Asia. The first day went well, but on the second and third days heavy … Continued

Heart Talk On The Air

Heart Talk On The Air My Mother Tongue is … If you are reading this article, it is very likely that your mother tongue is English. Just imagine if someone in your family were to turn on the radio and exclaim, “How wonderful to hear our own language!” You would probably be rather surprised! We … Continued