Radio Missionary Taxi Club

Radio Missionary Taxi Club Sharing with Passengers Meet Mr. Ban, who drives a taxi in Busan, South Korea … and is the current president of the FEBC International Missionary Taxi Club. Mr. Ban oversees 450 fellow taxi drivers, who have been meeting monthly for 25 years — to worship, and discuss opportunities for sharing the … Continued

“Tell Me a Story”

“Tell Me a Story” Oral Communications When Jesus preached to crowds, he often did it in story (parable) form. For instance, to illustrate the love of God, He told a colourful, dramatic, and moving story about the “man who had two sons” (Matthew 21:28). Jesus could read and write, yet He lived in a largely … Continued

Dense Jungle Walk

Dense Jungle Walk Listener’s Prayer Answered A lone believer began his three-day walk home through dense jungle — following a secret meeting with members of an FEBC International production team, who were visiting radio listeners in a closed country in Southeast Asia. The first day went well, but on the second and third days heavy … Continued

Heart Talk On The Air

Heart Talk On The Air My Mother Tongue is … If you are reading this article, it is very likely that your mother tongue is English. Just imagine if someone in your family were to turn on the radio and exclaim, “How wonderful to hear our own language!” You would probably be rather surprised! We … Continued

FEBC Launches “Christ to Muslims” Campaign

There’s a people group that is often unknown, misunderstood, and feared. Yet they are a people that God loves immensely. About 1,600,784,000 people in the world are Muslims, making Islam the second largest religion in the world. We’re launching a new campaign: “Christ to Muslims.” You’ll get a glimpse into the two largest Muslim-populated countries … Continued

He Stopped to Say Hello

Like millions of others living in Southeast Asia, Binh rode his motorbike to work, and every day at the same place on the side of the road he noticed a small group of blind people. As a follower of Jesus, Binh felt challenged by God to communicate the Gospel with these people. One day, the … Continued

Chinese Christians Beaten After Refusing to Remove Cross from Church

Christians in Wenzhou, China, barricaded themselves inside the gates of their church to prevent the Chinese government from tearing down the cross that stood proudly on the steeple of their church. Video obtained by CNN shows the Chinese police beating the protesters in an attempt to gain access. They were thwarted by the Christian protesters, … Continued