Broadcasting Hope

Meeting in the Desert

Following an encounter with a listener in a desert region of the Middle East, a Christian couple wrote the following note to FEBC International..

It was a very hot day, so after a short rest beside the road, we continued our journey. We both thought how nice it would be to find a little tea house, and stop for a drink. Since we were driving on a road in a sparsely populated area, the prospect wasn’t very promising.

We turned off the main road, and drove up to the first person we saw. We asked if there was anywhere to stop for a drink. The man replied, “There is no tea house in our village, but sit down and I will bring you some

tea.” In spite of some polite refusals on our part, he insisted!

So, we got out of the car and sat down under a big tree in the field. Within minutes, our new-found host came back with tea for us. As we started chatting, we found out that he loved to listen to Christian radio broadcasts!

We asked our host if he would be interested in a portion of the Bible … he accepted it, and immediately began to read.

We were soon joined by other visitors — along with his son and brother; his neighbour who passed by on his donkey; and a friend who came along on his motorcycle!

Our host had many questions, but we needed to continue on our journey — so we promised him we would stop by his house on our way back.

The following day we kept our word, and he greeted us with a big smile — happy to see his new friends again. We drank tea, and answered more of his questions.

We learned that he is the only one of his family who can read — and that some of his family members are named Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

As we drove away, we prayed that the Lord would help this household — to fully come to understand the amazing love and forgiveness of God.

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