FEBC Launches “Christ to Muslims” Campaign

There’s a people group that is often unknown, misunderstood, and feared. Yet they are a people that God loves immensely. About 1,600,784,000 people in the world are Muslims, making Islam the second largest religion in the world. We’re launching a new campaign: “Christ to Muslims.” You’ll get a glimpse into the two largest Muslim-populated countries … Continued

Chinese Christians Beaten After Refusing to Remove Cross from Church

Christians in Wenzhou, China, barricaded themselves inside the gates of their church to prevent the Chinese government from tearing down the cross that stood proudly on the steeple of their church. Video obtained by CNN shows the Chinese police beating the protesters in an attempt to gain access. They were thwarted by the Christian protesters, … Continued

First Generation Churches Resouce

Today, November 20, FEBC-Russia began broadcasting through its partner station in Norilsk, northern Siberia. Norilsk is known as the most northern major industrial city in the world. “People in our city need Jesus,” says Rev. Mikhail Dolgih, a local pastor and leader behind this effort. “We are so glad to be able to broadcast FEBC … Continued