Dense Jungle Walk

Listener’s Prayer Answered

A lone believer began his three-day walk home through dense jungle — following a secret meeting with members of an FEBC International production team, who were visiting radio listeners in a closed country in Southeast Asia.

The first day went well, but on the second and third days heavy rains fell. The radio listener prayed, and asked God not to let his Bible get wet (which he carried in an old bag on his back). He was soaked and shivering, but his Bible remained dry!

On the third night of his trek, the heavy rain caused his small light to flicker and go out. He was in a dense forest, in complete darkness, alone, and unable to see his way.

Shortly after midnight, he prayed and asked the Lord to lead his steps through the jungle. Within minutes, he saw a light in the distance, which he thought was another tribal group using a light to find night animals in the forest.

As he walked closer to the light, he found it didn’t belong to a person as he had thought — instead, it was an extraordinarily large firefly sitting on a branch.

The listener broke off the branch, and used it successfully as his light in the darkness for more than three hours. As dawn began to break, the firefly flew away … and he continued his walk in safety to his home.

This is a wonderful testimony of God’s care for a listener who travelled three days each way on foot, in order to meet the “radio voices behind the microphone” in his own heart language.

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