Dear Ministry Partner:

Happy New Year!

Until now, you have not asked for anything in my name.  Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” (John 16:24)

I’m sure you’ve already received, or will hear many wishes for a “Happy” New Year.  Over the past two years, we’ve been facing challenging times – so, what does it really mean to be “happy”?  To have good health?  To have enough food and housing?  To have family and friends around?   To serve others?  To live in Canada?

All these things may be the right definitions of happiness, but none of them are complete – because complete joy is to be aligned with Jesus!  In order to ask things in His name, we need to know Him.  Our desire for 2022, is that you and your family will know Jesus deeply, and find complete joy in Him.

On January 14th, we will begin the new year with our virtual meetings – by featuring the African country of Malawi.  We will learn together with Dr. Amos Siyabu Phiri (FEBC International’s director in Malawi), on how their radio ministry is reaching out to this Muslim country with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ.  They’ve launched hundreds of “Listeners Clubs” that represent small groups of listeners, who desire to learn more about Jesus – despite persecution, poverty, and many hurdles they need to face daily.

We will offer three meetings in January.  Please do not miss this opportunity to worship God with us, as we hear and see what He is doing in Malawi.

 To RSVP, and to check details regarding the January dates and times: please CLICK HERE

Kindly note the start time for your area.  To join, simply click on the link below for a time that is more convenient for you:
January 14 – Friday evening (5 pm Pacific / 6 pm Alberta / 7 pm Saskatchewan – Manitoba / 8 pm Eastern / 9 pm Atlantic / 9:30 pm Newfoundland)

January 19 – Wednesday morning (9 am Pacific / 10 am Alberta / 11 am Saskatchewan – Manitoba / 12 noon Eastern / 1 pm Atlantic / 1:30 pm Newfoundland)

January 27 –Thursday afternoon (1 pm Pacific / 2 pm Alberta / 3 pm Saskatchewan – Manitoba / 4 pm Eastern / 5 pm Atlantic / 5:30 pm Newfoundland)

The ID: 704 868 0789 and the Passcode: 012022 are the same for every meeting.

You can also join us by a toll-free phone number: 1.888.788.0099 (ID: 704 868 0789 / Passcode: 012022).  If you would like to unmute, please press: *(star)+6.

  • Helio Nichele – 1.800.565.3322  Ext.176
  • Dave Grove – 1.800.565.3322  Ext.175
  • Tracy Ko – 1.800.565.3322  Ext.134

We look forward to seeing you at one of the meetings!

Warmly in Christ,
FEBCanada – International Ministries

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