There’s a people group that is often unknown, misunderstood, and feared. Yet they are a people that God loves immensely. About 1,600,784,000 people in the world are Muslims, making Islam the second largest religion in the world.

We’re launching a new campaign: “Christ to Muslims.” You’ll get a glimpse into the two largest Muslim-populated countries in the world: Indonesia and Pakistan. Sadly, many countries like these prohibit the Gospel from being shared. Government regulation, violence and threats from religious extremists, as well as social barriers, have made it much more difficult to communicate the message of Jesus and His love for them.

Despite the challenges, FEBC is dedicated to preaching the love of Christ to Muslims. Our staff in Pakistan, Indonesia, and many other Muslim countries broadcast the Gospel message in native languages through our stations every day. By the grace of God, we’ve received reports from our staff that Muslims who are tuning into our radio broadcasts and have giving their lives to Jesus.

Stay tuned with us throughout the Christ to Muslims Campaign. We’ll share with you incredible stories of how God is working through FEBC to love Muslims and draw them into a relationships with Him. You’ll also learn what you can do to pray for and reach Muslims around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How much do you know about Islam? Check out this infographic and share with your friends:


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