Like millions of others living in Southeast Asia, Binh rode his motorbike to work, and every day at the same place on the side of the road he noticed a small group of blind people.

As a follower of Jesus, Binh felt challenged by God to communicate the Gospel with these people. One day, the conviction became so great that Binh stopped to say hello.

“I talked to them for awhile and then left,” he said.

“I wondered how I would introduce them to Jesus.”

Binh then remembered how he listened to prerecorded Gospel messages on the mp3 speaker box given to him by FEBC. Those Gospel messages had helped him grow in his faith.

He then returned with several mp3 players that he had obtained from the radio ministry, and shared them with the people on the side of the road.

Binh now leads a Bible study group with at least 12 blind believers! Each convert has a story to tell about their favorite FEBC programs. As for Binh, he continues to give much of his time preparing Gospel messages to be heard on the speaker box, and to disciple this small group of believers in their new faith.

Obedience, courage, and faithfulness are at the center of Binh’s commitment to sharing his faith. Technology like the mp3 speaker boxes and wind-up radios are key tools to reach people with diverse needs with the Gospel.

Binh’s story comes from Southeast Asia, one of the Hardest to Reach regions with the Gospel.

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