Keeper of the Pagoda

Meets “God of the Radio”

In the Chin Hills of Myanmar (Burma), a man was listening to shortwave broadcasts in his own mother tongue from FEBC International in the Philippines.

This man was so excited about what he was learning, that he decided to share it with his neighbours. However, his neighbours were less than enthusiastic about a new “religion” that was not Buddhism. They even

suggested to him that it might be dangerous to listen to Christian messages — especially in his capacity as keeper of the local Buddhist shrine.

Not long afterwards, the man’s house burned down … and he lost all his possessions. Confused, he prayed, “God of the Radio, I have heard your messages, and have tried to follow what I have heard. Why has this evil

befallen me? Please send me your prophets to explain these things.”

The very next day, two itinerant evangelists — who happened to be associated with FEBC International in Myanmar — were bicycling down the road, on their way to preach the Gospel near the border with India.

The day was hot and humid, and the evangelists were very thirsty … so they decided to stop and ask someone for a drink of water. As they approached a cluster of houses, they spotted a man and asked for a drink.

The man who served them asked, “Who are you two, and where are you going?” They replied, “We are Christian evangelists, and we’re on our way to preach the Gospel along the Indian border.”

The man’s mouth dropped open, “Yesterday, I prayed to the God of the Radio to send me His prophets … and today here you are!”

In the ensuing conversation, the man was led to accept Christ with all joy … and today, he leads a church in his community.

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