Radio Missionary Taxi Club

Sharing with Passengers

Meet Mr. Ban, who drives a taxi in Busan, South Korea … and is the current president of the FEBC International Missionary Taxi Club.

Mr. Ban oversees 450 fellow taxi drivers, who have been meeting monthly for 25 years — to worship, and discuss opportunities for sharing the Good News with their passengers.

Members of the FEBC International Missionary Taxi Club tune their car radios to FEBC International’s local FM station, and listen to the programs “from sunup to sundown”. Naturally, their customers have no choice but to

listen to the radio ministry broadcasts, as they are shuttled around the city.

Recently, as a female passenger was stepping into Mr. Ban’s taxi, a song came on the radio … and Mr. Ban and his customer listened to riveting words about God’s unconditional love.

“That’s an amazing song,” the woman said when it was over. Mr. Ban agreed, and talked to her about his faith, and the church that he attends.

“I once attended church,” the woman commented, “but it’s been a long time.” “Why not visit my church?” Mr. Ban asked her. “We often sing songs like the one you just heard — I know you’d like it.”

“That song really made me think,” she said. “Maybe I need to find out more.”

Before the ride was over, the woman gave her name and number to Mr. Ban, and promised to visit his church.

The radio ministry in South Korea is grateful to add another spokesperson to FEBC International’s list of supporters … or, to be exact, 450 more!

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