Serving Minority People-Groups

The Indigenous Missionary

A dictionary definition of indigenous is “native to a specific area” — so an indigenous missionary, would be a person who shares his or her faith with their own people.

The indigenous missionary has a great advantage over foreign-born missionaries, because he or she fully understands the language and culture, and is therefore more effective in leading people to Christ.

One of the reasons for the major growth in Christianity among minority groups, is the sense of dignity and worth that indigenous broadcasters offer them.

People from these groups, grapple with persecution and discrimination most of their lives … but when they hear a radio message spoken in their own mother tongue, it validates them. Many minority groups see the

broadcasts as their only means of Christian instruction and fellowship.

There are many more unreached people-groups, who have not yet heard the Gospel — this is why FEBC International presses on “one language, and one people-group at a time” — grateful for the partnership of

those who support the ministry … in order to follow Jesus’ commandment to “go and make disciples of all nations”.

Almost daily, the radio ministry hears from minority people-groups who listen to its broadcast — like this Hmong listener in Myanmar, who writes:

“I hear your broadcast every day. Most of the Hmong in this area are uneducated, and they don’t have anywhere to go. A majority of these people don’t know how to love, and they only worship evil spirits. Even worse,

they cause conflicts among each other, and don’t even know how to take care of themselves.

“It is only through your radio broadcasts, that we hear good things. You really touch our lives, and we are thankful! Since your programs tell us to be better people, our children will grow up to be better people too … and

they will also listen to your programs.

“Your programs will allow our children to have an education, and teach them how to love and worship only the Lord. We pray that God will strengthen you, and we pray that you will always be able to broadcast to us.”

Many areas of the world that are inaccessible, geographically or politically, can easily be reached by radio! In fact, the ministry’s broadcasts have a proven record of leading many thousands of minority people to the Lord

— such as the Hmong in Southeast Asia.

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