2019 FEBCanada Coastal BC Dinner Tour

Give thanks to the Lord, for FEBCanada’s successful 2019 Friendship Dinner tour in Coastal British Columbia.

At the dinners, Dr. Victor Akhterov  – FEBC International’s Russian Ministries Director, shared his current vision for Russia and Ukraine – where FEBC International is placing greater emphasis on diversification, efficiency, and flexibility through the introduction of new and effective innovations.

A short video, featuring the radio ministry in Cambodia, was also shared with the dinner audiences.

Following, is some feedback from our supporters and guests:

  • Very informative and interactive … thoroughly encouraged by the presentation.
  • Your love for Jesus speaks strong and clear! May God bless you and give you strength!
  • Enjoyed the evening! Thank you for coming and sharing with us … blessings!
  • We thank the Lord for all the wonderful work done by all the workers of FEBC International.
  • I really love what you are doing – bravely broadcasting where people can’t get to.
  • Thank you for the opportunity to get involved with FEBC International.
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