“Had I Not Listened … “

A Grateful Listener

“Had I not listened to your program that day in my friend’s home, I would still be living like a beast!” writes Anty (real name withheld to preserve privacy) from Tamil Nadu in India.

“I would like to thank each of your program producers from the bottom of my heart for your great service.”

Anty’s story is one of a life spiraling out of control — until the day he heard a broadcast from FEBC International.

“I was born and brought up in a Roman Catholic family,” continues Anty. “Though as a child I had regularly attended Mass, later I made a mess of my life.”

For ten years, Anty was a slave to drugs, alcohol, and all sorts of bad habits. “You name it, I was in it,” he exclaims. “I used to smoke four packets of cigarettes a day!”

Every Friday, Anty and his friends went to Hindu temples to offer puja (worship rituals), and participate in sorcery. Once a year, he attended church at Christmas “usually drunk”.

Since the company he worked for was a considerable distance from his home, he shared accommodations with a few friends … “which resulted in my indulging in all these immoral activities.” He said he didn’t send any money home to support his family, and his life was in a wretched and miserable state.
“One day I went to Kerala to visit a friend, who was listening to a Christian radio program,” says Anty. “It sounded good, so I sat and listened to the entire program – I had the privilege to hear the Good News!”

Anty enquired, and found out the station he was listening to was FEBC International. “As I listened that day, I felt some sort of power piercing through my body,” says Anty. “Initially, I was confused in my mind, but I did not give up. So I started listening to the radio programs regularly, and also read the Bible.”

One of the first things that Anty did was to give up his company of “bad” friends. “All the sins which I committed from my early days came to my mind one by one,” he adds. “I now have the assurance that Jesus has washed me with His precious blood, and I am His child!”

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