Elderly Thai Listener

Visits Office to “Meet God”

“I’ve come to meet and thank God,” said Jeou — a long-time listener of FEBC International’s Thai-lan-guage radio program This Life Still Has An Answer.

The 88-year-old grandmother’s introductory greetings, surprised the person who answered the door at the ministry’s recording studios in Bangkok, Thailand.

Grandmother Jeou, who was accompanied by her 72-year-old daughter Phoonsri, was immediately introduced to Pittiya — the producer of the program that Jeou said she listened to for 10 years. Jeou then told the following story:

She began listening to This Life Still Has An Answer after her second child died of heart disease. Then recently, a large swelling appeared on her hand.

At the suggestion of a neighbour, she visited a doctor, who didn’t want to operate because of her advanced age. Instead, he prescribed a topical ointment to help relieve the excruciating pain. After using the medication for three days, she was still experiencing pain.

She then prayed to the God that she had heard on the radio. Immediately, the swelling abated, fluids drained from the festering sore, and her hand was healed! She knew that a miracle had taken place, and the “God of the radio program” had done it in answer to her request.

She then wanted to come to FEBC International’s Bangkok studios to thank the God of the program, but there was no one to bring her on the long journey — until her daughter agreed to accompany her.

Before setting off, grandmother Jeou had prepared a thank you offering of apples, and white orchids … along with 500 Thai Baht (CAD $14.25) for listeners in need of assistance, which she presented to the ministry staff.

However, the highlight of Jeou’s visit was when Pittiya prayed with her to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour — the listener who came to meet the God of the radio program, met the living God of the Bible!

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