Canadian-Chinese Ministries

In the early 1980s, listener responses reached our radio station in exponential magnitudes. Seeing the overwhelming effect of China’s open doors, the ministry took little time to draw on talents from all over the world in order to strengthen the radio workforce. The goal was to build up capable production teams outside of Hong Kong, in cities where many Chinese Christians live. The very first such production centre was established in Vancouver in 1984.

During these 30 some years, the Vancouver studio has continued to expand. In 1989, a satellite studio was set up in Toronto to augment the Chinese program production. With the vision that “countrymen back home, despite being thousands of miles away, can still hear the Gospel, become Christians, and be well equipped spiritually,” the two production teams together have produced many radio programs over these years. The Canadian teams took a good part in all program categories: evangelistic, nurturing, and theological training.


1. Evangelistic

Programs targeted at audiences among non-believers, interested seekers, and young Christians of various ages and professions. Gospel messages are brought out through dialogue, interviews, Christian music, and the up-to-date information.

2. Nurturing

Programs targeted at believers in general. Many Christians in China receive little teaching nor pastoral care; neither do they have ready access to spiritual literature. FEBC International programs are designed to fill this void.

3. Theological Training

Programs targeted at pastors and church leaders. Believers in China wishing to serve as pastors, rarely receive education in seminaries. Many are compelled to be leaders simply because they are literate. Training is essential to their ministry responsibilities.


To further enhance the ministry’s broadcast to China, the website ( ) plays a vital role in reducing the gap between the listeners and the ministry. Shortwave and medium-wave radio have been remote and one-way to them, but blogs and on-line messages have enabled easier two-way communications. With the popularity of smart phones and social networks, listeners can listen anytime and anywhere they choose, and share their thoughts with the ministry staff or with their friends. In this direction, the radio ministry endeavours to make use of appropriate new media or technologies to bring Christ to the world.


Beginning in 2002, the Chinese Ministries felt the need to also serve the vast number of Chinese people residing in the Metro Vancouver area. This has been extended to other cities – such as Metro Toronto, and Edmonton. There are now evangelistic programs aired on a local radio station, Monday through Friday – with testimonies, and viewpoints on Christian living and inter-personal relationships; it is hoped that listeners will be equipped to discern right and wrong with a Christian perspective. In serving the community, evangelistic dramas and rallies are held. There are over one thousand titles of CDs and DVDs of testimonies and special talks (in Chinese) on our product listing.