Since 1948, FEBC International has been carrying out the mandate to bring “Christ to the World by Radio”.  While radio continues to be an important voice in a spiritual wilderness, new technologies are being added to the network’s communications toolbox.  Whatever the innovation, radio continually provides the “wireless word” to many nations.

The ministry’s fundamental commitment has never wavered – to broadcast the Gospel to people around the world who are isolated by economic, educational, geographic, political, and religious barriers.

Many of these “forgotten people” of society are located in countries with tremendous political and cultural opposition to the Gospel, and therefore have limited access to Christian resources.

From its inception, FEBC International has endeavoured to use national directors and ethnic broadcasters to produce culturally relevant programs.  These native staff members speak the local language fluently, and know the culture of the people – this makes them more effective, in sharing the message of Christ.

The introduction of indigenous broadcasters, has created the need to develop local leadership … and establish stations and studios in countries around the world.  Today, all ministry offices are overseen by local national boards – which allows each country to make decisions appropriate to their culture and standards, under the umbrella of FEBC International’s leadership structure.

For nearly 70 years, radio has proven to be an excellent way to reach people in almost any location or circumstance.  The radio network utilizes high power AM, FM, or shortwave transmitters – to deliver evangelistic and discipleship programs to some of the most remote and needy areas of the globe, as well as the densely populated urban centres.

Currently, the radio ministry produces more than 700 hours of programming a day in over 100 languages – aired from nearly 130 stations and/or transmitters around the world, of which more than 40 are owned and operated by FEBC International.

The network’s radio signal can be heard in scores of countries – to a potential listening audience of nearly two-thirds of the world’s population.

When new technologies emerge that show promise in reaching special people-groups or large numbers of people, the radio ministry makes use of them where applicable, i.e., internet and satellite broadcasting, podcasting, MP3 players … and more recently, cell phones/memory cards/speaker boxes to reach listeners in restricted countries, so that people can listen privately at any time.


“I went astray for so many years. But God did not give up on me. He awakened me from my deep slumber and welcomed me back to His fold. That is why I need your help so that my Christian life would be straightened out for good. Please help me by sending me free literature. Thank you very much. May the Lord our God bless you abundantly!”