Chinese Program Production

FEBC-Hong Kong is the main program production centre for the radio ministry’s China broadcasts-it produces over 200 hours of programs monthly in Mandarin, Cantonese, and major other Chinese dialects, as well as several minority languages.

Programs produced serve three main purposes: evangelistic, nurturing, and training.  FEBC-Hong Kong also hosts live program that originate from the Hong Kong studios, and linked via the Internet to broadcast facilities in the Philippines.

Chinese Programming Coordination

FEBC-Hong Kong also serves as the China Ministry Office (CMO), coordinating the daily production of 33.5 hours of programs produced by FEBC International studios around the world – in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, and the United States.  These programs are aired via AM and shortwave from FEBC International stations in Iba and Bocaue in the Philippines, and from Jeju in South Korea.  A large number of these programs are also available on the Internet.

Liangyou Theological Seminary

This two-year Bible school offered on radio since 1992, trains pastors and lay leaders for ministry in China.  As of July 2013, enrollment tops 13,200 students, of which 2,500 are active.

Chinese Minority-Language Broadcasts

For many years, FEBC-Hong Kong has been producing programs in China’s minority languages to seven ethnic groups in China, with a potential listening audience of several million people.  Minority language broadcasts are not only effective in sharing the Gospel, they also help ethnic groups retain their own culture.