Ongoing and/or one-time contributions for ongoing and/or special projects and initiatives:

  • Africa – program production; language broadcasts
  • Cambodia – operations; speaker box project; shortwave airtime support; broadcast and production facilities (transmitter, studio refurbishment and equipment)
  • Central Asia – language broadcasts
  • FEBC International Service Team – operations
  • India – speaker box project
  • Indonesia – program production; shortwave airtime support; technical upgrades; speaker box project
  • Japan – program production; airtime support
  • Kazakhstan – program production; operations
  • Kyrgyzstan – new technical installations and upgrades; program production; operations
  • Laos (Lao, Khmu) – program production; shortwave airtime support; shortwave radios
  • Mongolia – operations for main stations & satellite stations; broadcast facilities (transmitters)
  • Myanmar – ethnic-language program production; operations; shortwave airtime support
  • Philippines – regional station’s operations & airtime support; shortwave airtime support; technical upgrades
  • Russia – program production; local station operations; local airtime support; new stations; training
  • Thailand – program production; local airtime support; operations; technical upgrades; radios
  • Ukraine – new FM stations in major cities; establishment of production facilities; program production; operations; training
  • Vietnam – program production; shortwave airtime support